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The CAREribean LLC Services Highlights:

- Comprehensive audit of products, procedures, and processes
- Complete review of recommendations and actionable items
- Training sessions online, in the classroom, and in the custodian’s closet
- Certification and continuous improvement measures
- Thorough personnel screening and background checks
- Uniform and ID requirements of all on-site personnel

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Building Assessment App

The primary purpose of the assessments are to improve BSC (Building Service Contractors) operational effectiveness as both client and TFM (The CAREribean LLC) managers respond to the information it provides. The Building Assessment App is data-base driven and supports 5 building types:

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We don’t just maintain educational facilities; we improve them by implementing our Green...

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Our FM cleaning and disinfection services cover workspaces, common areas, restrooms...

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Equipped with the latest battery-powered professional-grade environmentally-friendly...

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The environmentally-friendly and total-care disinfection products and services that we implement...

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In the business world, the appearance of your office is important in making a good impression...

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The TruShot 2.0™ Mobile Dispensing System keeps crews moving with...


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Market Expertise

Commercial Properties Distribution Centers Office Space Education Facilities Landscapes/ Construction Sites Residential Homes/ HOA Buildings Pools/ Clubhouses

Maintenance Services

CAREribean LLC Project Management Landscaping Plumbing HVAC Sanitization Janitorial Services Electrical Flooring Painting Supply Management Office Remodels Fixture Installation Warehouse Rack Systems Building Modernization Roofing Industrial Floor Coatings Concrete Pest Control Parking Lot Maintenance Parking Lot Optimization Automation Fence Repair Striping/ Waxing Building Inspections Doors and Windows Pool Maintenance

Our Specialties

CAREribean LLC Services CAREribean LLC HVAC Sanitization/ Electrostatic Spraying Janitorial Electrical Plumbing Flooring Landscaping/ Parking Lots General Contractor Project Management

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Exceptional Facility and Home Services in the Raleigh-Durham and an Area near you.

Providing innovative maintenance and specialty trade solutions, plus proven, eco-friendly cleaning supplies for education, homecare, and commercial properties.

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Services you can trust in your business, your home and your life.

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